We produce Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). The vehicles can safely transfer trollies, pallets, boxes and materials from point to point in your plant. Each transportation is called a mission and is supervised by a central monitoring/management system.

Easy route configuration 

Robust driving in different conditions in industrial areas

Resistance to weather conditions

PL-d safety level for both indoors and outdoors

Dynamic selection of pickup and delivery point

Integration to PLC/IO_Devices in production lines

Secure integration to automatic doors and gates

Integration to variety of robots in factories

Fully customized integration to conveyors and feeders in assembly lines

Integration to warehouse management software

Traffic integration to automatic vehicles from other producers 

WiFi or GSM communication to vehicles for indoors and outdoors

Online position tracking of all vehicles

Online feedback messages to plant databases using standard protocols

Automatic traffic management (Even to vehicles from other producers)

Optimized mission scheduling

Supports many external mission management software